Helping People Help Themselves

מנהג אבותנו בידנו

The Gimmel Foundation teaches the people of Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat and Lachish to help themselves. These communities are part of Second Israel, smaller cities and villages in Israel who historically have been treated as second class citizens. We believe through education we can offer efficient, successful, creative solutions for Second Israel’s challenges, such as - inferior schools, absence of economic opportunity and weak municipal government.

We advocate education, religious values and community service. We teach children and seniors, the handicapped and the disadvantaged, men and women, new immigrants and veteran citizens.

Through informal educational programs thousands of people a year learn to give. Our students, our teachers and our seniors all help others, and they also help themselves.

Gimmel provides over 50,000 community hours per year. We are supported solely by donations.